The Cosmic Anomaly, by birth named Liam Riley Craddock. Born accidentally by a destabilistion in gorton fields (the time stabiliser fields), Craddock was conceived to be a Cosmic Anomaly, where the gorton particles were intercepted from all universes. meaning he existed as himself in every universe.

Pros (Powers)

  • Able to see into the future
  • Exists as the same being in all universes
  • Can manipulate time and space
  • Can travel through time and other dimensions
  • Has an infinite wealth of knowledge and expertise on every known subject
  • Can sense forgotten/alternate timelines via dreams and visions
  • Cannot contract diseases or health issues
  • Is genetically pure


  • Dreams of other timelines often lead to stress/the destruction of universes
  • other things
  • He cannot get a girlfriend and he has no life