The Global Oscars is an award show that is hosted in Reddington every year. There are specific categories that compete for. Citizens from all over the world vote for the nominated countries.

2028 Global Oscars

(people whom voted: 7,025,648,093)

Award Category Nominees Winner Percentage of Votes Winner Received
Most Religious Country Empirion, Tacosia, Garrenland, Terosia Tacosia 73% (5,128,723,108)
Most Physically Active Country Empirion, Kaletrakia, Dursan, Yusktana Kaletrakia 51% (3,583,080,527)
Best Economy Tacosia, Kuni Salonia, Liamosia, Empirion Kuni Salonia 50.001% (3,512,894,303)
Least Religious Freedom Tacosia, Kuni Salonia, Bruteland, Weskones Tacosia 100% (7,025,648,093)
Smartest Country Liamosia, Empirion, Anadesia, Synexia Liamosia 93% (6,533,852,727)
Dumbest Country Dursan, Weskones, Aurnia, Gaotland Dursan 50.001% (3,512,894,303)
Most Depressing Country Empirion, Kaletrakia, Tacosia, Kuni Salonia Kaletrakia 64% (4,496,414,780)
Best Weather Liamosia, Anadesia, Synexia, Qalarstan Anadesia 81% (5,690,774,955)
Best Military Liamosia, Tacosia, Empirion. Garrenland Liamosia 100% (7,025,648,093)
Worst Tourism Destination Tacosia, Bruteland, Jowhijan, Rektland Bruteland 77% (5,409,749,032)
Most Badass Country Pinnapolis Pinnapolis(DUH) 100% (7,025,648,093)